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Our Videos

The following videos give you an idea of our
amazing technology

AVP2 Technology Demonstrated at Munich Autoshow (2021)

At IAA 2021 we showcased our technology driving and parking cars from six different brands simultaneously. The strong emphasis was to show the interoperability of our system with all brands present and the infrastructure of all other market participants. Kopernikus was the only company to operate cars from all the brands present. 

Kopernikus and Continental at CES 2022 

This video was taken during the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, where Kopernikus and Continental collaboratively showcased AVP. We temporarily installed our AVP2 solution on the top floor of the Renaissance Hotel’s parking lot, which was a fantastic outdoor test for our technology: With strong winds, temperature differences of up to 25 degrees Celsius throughout a typical January day in Las Vegas and under the strong Nevada sun our technology once again proved to be very reliable. 

A Demonstration of Object Detection in Real Time

One of the common questions we get asked is “how safe is the technology for pedestrians?” In this video, Kopernikus CEO Stefan Jenzowsky is demonstrating object detection in a live demonstration at the Munich Car Show (IAA) 2021. Our system monitors the environment in real time and detects and classifies objects that are close to any driving object. In case objects (meaning humans, animals, shopping cars, etc.) are crossing paths with our cars we stop them immediately and only start driving again once the critical situation is resolved. 

Unknown Object Detection

This video shows two of the approaches we use to perform unknown object detection: 2D detection of unknown objects with 3D map localization and free space segmentation. Both approaches work correctly in influencing the car's decision to stop when confronted with unknown objects (such as dinosaurs). Detecting unknown objects plays an important role in ensuring the safety of an AVP2 system. This video was taken during the Munich car show (IAA 2021).

AVP2 Can Be Retrofitted in Existing Parking Lots 

At ITS Congress in October 2021, we showcased how to equip and operate AVP in an existing, architecturally complex infrastructure like the parking lot at Hamburg’s iconic Elbphilharmonie opera house. We maneuvered a Ford Kuga using our AVP type 2 technology. This showcase was to prove that it does not need new and standardized parking lots; it just needs smart technology like Kopernikus’ AVP2 solution to roll out smart parking to inner cities, fairgrounds, and at airports. 

Goldbeck Showcases Kopernikus' AVP Technology

Goldbeck, the largest construction company for commercial parking in Europe, is showcasing Kopernikus’ AVP2 to its customers in this demonstration video.

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