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Use Cases for Our Autonomous Driving Technology

The Technology in Practice: Raising Efficiency and Reducing Cost

The following examples are a few business applications that show how the Kopernikus AVP2 technology can make any operation involving the movement of cars on private grounds more efficient and cost effective. See for yourself how the technology behind the technology works:

Factory Automation

Our technology can automate all driving procedures. Once assembled, we can drive the car through finish, rework, and detailing all the way to the logistics yard. It can be installed today on private grounds without any regulatory approval. This approach frees up workers’ time for value added tasks.  

Logistics & Transportation Systems

Our technology can automate all driving tasks in car logistics. Driving cars from a marshalling yard to trucks, trains, and ships is fully automated. This approach reduces costs, shortens loading times for RoRo ships, and eliminates car damages while increasing driving availability to 24/7.

Repair Facilities Automation

Our technology can automate all driving procedures in repair facilities. Cars will be scheduled efficiently, then driven autonomously to the repair-bays. This approach massively reduces workers’ non-productive times between repair jobs when moving cars.

Automated Valet Parking

Our technology can automate all driving procedures within a parking structure. For the end-customer this is clearly added comfort, as it simplifies and shortens the parking processes. The operator increases utilization of floor space and revenues. 

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