Computer Vision / Machine Learning Engineer Junior and Senior Level (m/f/d) - Leipzig

Kopernikus Automotive is a startup working on autonomous self-driving cars to deploy solutions in constrained environments like factories, working in partnerships with leading global car manufacturers and suppliers. Our system differentiates from others thanks to our big reliance on cameras and low-budget sensors. The scale of our system has grown substantially and the ML team is in charge of dealing with all this new flow of information. We are currently looking for bright junior level and senior level engineers with knowledge in both computer vision and machine learning to keep improving the product.

Main task

The following main task description contains information for both junior and senior level engineers. As junior level engineer, your main task will be to support the ML team in the development of the product. This could take the form of running experiments, reviewing SOTA methods, collecting and labeling data, porting models, and more. As senior level engineer, your main task will be to take responsibility for certain processes or entire models and lead the team in those regards. This could take the form of leading the development of a certain model, leading the efforts for calibration or evaluation, keeping up to date with certain technology. etc. Both junior and senior level engineers will be working with a small team in charge of developing new ideas and approaches to the current products of the company as well as maintaining current models regarding machine learning and computer vision. The objective of the team is to explore ideas regarding different fields of machine learning and computer vision, such as self-supervised learning, visual SLAM algorithms, camera calibration, federated learning, object detection, semantic segmentation, tracking etc. You have the potential to contribute significantly to new views and roads for the company and have an impact in the direction of the development of the product. 

About you and the role

As a CV/ML engineer, you'll be intricately involved in running experiments methodically, prepare demos, maintain the ML models through all theirs stages, collect and process data, and evaluate current and alternate models. You'll develop tools and models which will influence both our products and clients. You'll report to the Principal ML Engineer. Here’s a taste of what you’ll do:

  • Take personal responsibility for project success

  • Adopt new tools and technologies that improve quality and efficiency

  • Collect and clean data

  • Evaluate the performance of models

  • Conduct experiments and develop machine learning models based mainly on cameras.

  • Collaborate with our integration team to understand our organisation's needs and help serving the solutions to our clients.

  • Keep up-to-date with the latest ML/CV/Technology trends.

  • Communicate results and ideas to internal and external stakeholders

  • In general, support the ML team in the maintenance through all of the cycles of an ML model - including the collection of data, running experiments and evaluating results.

  • Travel to on-site installations of our system in different cities in Germany to lead specific tasks and to support the ML team.

  • Conduct applied research and develop machine learning models based mainly on cameras.

What we are looking for 

You'll be the right person for this job if:

  • You are passionate about computer vision *and* deep learning,

  • You are willing and excited to learn, can develop new skills and can tackle new areas and new problems,

  • You have strong Python skills,

  • You are familiar with software development and ML frameworks (Pytorch, Tensorflow, AWS, Docker, Git, Linux, etc.),

  • You are comfortable reading and discussing research papers and SOTA methods,

  • You are an independent person comfortable working without much supervision,

  • You're passionate about solving problems, no matter if their big or small; and you have a strong mindset of getting things done,

  • You appreciate the big picture of our mission and balance that with a collaborative mindset to prioritize your work,

  • You get extra points if you are familiar with the whole stack of high-level decision making, motion planning, and low-level control,

  • It is useful if you have industrial or academic experience in automotive, robotics or gaming,

  • You are not required to know German,

What we offer

  • Competitive compensation.

  • Variety of benefits including learning budgets for conferences and courses.

  • Opportunity to join a team working on exciting and difficult problems in hand with big car manufactures.

  • The opportunity to contribute significantly to new views and roads for the company and significant impact in the direction of the development of the product.

  • The opportunity to join the development of the product.

More information

  • Contract length: Permanent.

  • Rate: Negotiable.

  • Language: English.

  • We will sponsor candidates who need it.

  • Location: Leipzig, Germany (preferred) or Berlin, Germany. We are fully aware of the global situation and we take measures catered to each personal situation regarding remote work. 

Next steps

If this sounds like the right role for you (or a colleague) - please apply using the link below. 

CV/ML Engineer application link:

We are always looking for tech people to join our team. If you don't fit in the profile but you are eager to get your hands dirty on self-driving cars, you could use this link.​