We retrofit today’s cars to become self-driving cars

We have developed a drive-by-wire kit that can be fitted to many modern production cars and will allow self-driving software to steer the car. The kit consists of hardware (computing and sensors) and the necessary operating software (we call it a middleware). Software developers can develop self-driving software running on this platform. The first release of the Kopernikus retrofit-kit is designed for Volkswagen MQB vehicles, aka as VW Golf, Tiguan, Passat, T-Roc, and many Audi, Skoda and Seat Vehicles.


We make cars future proof through an app store and over the-air-updates

Our system is equipped with an app store showing the driver the available software solutions for his specific car. Through our secure over-the-air update functionality we enable the car to receive software updates and new features wirelessly from anywhere.


We work with leading software developers to bring their world class self-driving software onto today’s cars

Our system is only as good as the software running on our technology. We are working with leading developers of self-driving software. Our aim is to increase the feature sets and geographical reach of the solutions for the customers.


We convert your car into an autonomous vehicle. Pre-order your Kopernikus retrofit kit now!

No matter if you drive a VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, or any other car - we are working towards bringing a Kopernikus self-driving retrofit kit to you and your car. We will ship to our software development partners now and to private consumers very soon (market introduction to consumers is subject to regulatory approval and local legislations). We expect high demand. In order to secure your system early, you can pre-order it now (no down payment required).


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