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Leading Developer of
AVP Type 2 Technology

Connecting the Dots for the Future of Autonomous Driving

Our Technology

Kopernikus Automotive is the leading developer in AVP type 2 (automated valet parking) technology. AVP2 technology is a smart infrastructure-based approach to autonomous driving.

Why is AVP2 technology important?

We fast-track the arrival of autonomous driving. Today’s serial production cars are not yet capable of fully driving autonomously. So we set out to reverse the paradigm: We build a smart infrastructure that can remotely drive any serial production car today. Our technology that way sets the stage for automated infrastructure-based driving (AVP2 technology) in production, logistics, repair, and parking use cases.

How do we do it?

We equip any facility’s infrastructure with the necessary sensors and processing power to make AVP2 technology possible. The cars become autonomous by merely embedding the Kopernikus software into existing onboard ECUs. The AI-based perception and path planning are performed externally. All automated driving commands are sent to the car wirelessly in real-time.


What is the result?

Our technology immediately increases efficiency, lowers the operating costs and improves the usability for the facility operator. In factories and car logistics we free up labor resources, in a repair facility we increase the efficiency of the workers. In a parking facility we increase the convenience for the end customer, while massively improving the efficiency for the parking operator. 

About us

We Have a Passion for Autonomous Cars!

About Us

Kopernikus Automotive was founded in 2016 by car enthusiasts Stefan Jenzowsky and Tim von Törne and is headquartered in Leipzig, Germany with an R&D Center in Berlin. We are a car software development company with a multinational team of AI and robotics experts disrupting the status quo in the car industry. We are here to connect the dots for the future of autonomous driving. 

Kopernikus Automotive at a Glance


year founded


avg. efficiency increase  for any facility


facility installations on two continents


nationalities in our team


locations in Germany: Berlin and Leipzig

Our Partners

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Are You Ready to Collaborate and Connect the Dots?

Our Vision

We are collaborating with renowned partners all over the globe. 


Our goal: To realize our vision that autonomous cars will greatly define the seamless mobility of the future. More efficient, cleaner, and interconnected – simply using the given resources even smarter.

There is a vast number of business applications that need to be taken head on by strong collaborations, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and robotics: let's connect the dots for autonomous driving – the future of mobility is in our hands.

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