Kopernikus Automotive will be a the CES in Las Vegas!

Jan 5th-8th, 2022

Live Demos every 15 Minutes on the Rooftop of the Parking Deck at the Renaissance Hotel Las Vegas

Kopernikus Automotive will demonstrate the future of infrastructure orchestrated maneuvering and automated valet parking during live demos at the CES. Come watch how this pathbreaking technology works on the rooftop parking deck of the Renaissance Hotel, right next to South Hall, by taking the parking elevator to the top floor (6th floor) and enjoying 5 minutes of our demos. Our experts are on-site to discuss the technology and its benefits.


  • Our infrastructure orchestrated maneuvering solution allows to move today’s serial production cars fully autonomously (L4) in production environments and logistics facilities by infrastructure based sensors.

  • Cameras around the rooftop parking deck and an artificial intelligence in the facility will move the demonstration vehicles safely. Of course, this cost effective technology does not require any sensors on board of the vehicle. Instead, it allows substantial savings in labor cost for human driving in production and logistics.

  • In addition, our colleagues will also demonstrate Automated Valet Parking (Type 2) using the same infrastructure-based cameras and artificial intelligence.


Our colleagues will run daily shows during CES hours on January 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th. No appointments necessary. If you would like to schedule further demo hours, please contact Stefan Jenzowsky, the CEO of Kopernikus Automotive at stefan@kopernikusauto.com.

Renaissance Hotel, 3400 Paradise Road, 89169 Las Vegas

Demos on the rooftop of the parking deck: Take parking elevator to top floor